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Gil Poese


Gil Poese owned and ran KBRX O’Neill for 60 years. His understanding of serving a local audience is legendary. Gil’s noon newscast was appointment listening for thousands. The station’s Party Line program of buy, sell, trade, or just talk, was one of the longest-running programs in the state.

Gil was from Missouri. He graduated from Pathfinders School of Radio in Kansas City in 1948 and went on to jobs in Indiana and elsewhere, interrupted only when serving his country in Korea.

An opportunity at KBRX O’Neill brought Gil and his family to Nebraska in 1959. Two years later he formed Ranchland Broadcasting and bought the station.

As owner and president, Gil maintained an on-air schedule, his voice becoming a well-known companion to thousands. Gil remained active at the mic on into his 90s, still delivering newscasts.

He also served his community holding numerous civic positions and responsibilities. As a member of the American Legion, he served on their color guard at veterans’ funerals. During the Vietnam War, KBRX broadcast all military funerals. “We wanted to make people aware that we were in a war,” said Gil.

Meanwhile, he put KBRX FM on the air in 1974, later upgrading it to 100 thousand watts. In 1981, Gil was elected to the Nebraska Broadcasters Association board of directors.

Gill passed away on October 2, 2019, at the age of 93.  It was only fitting that Gil’s funeral service – which was attended by hundreds of people – was broadcast live on KBRX.  One of the last locally-owned stations in Nebraska, KBRX is still owned by Ranchland Broadcasting.

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