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Ken Headrick


During his 35 years at KFAB, Ken Headrick was a major force in developing the station into a ratings leader. He started out studying at Midland College in his hometown of Fremont and at the University of Nebraska seeking majors in music and journalism. As a young man, he played the trombone and sang in dance bands.

During the Korean War, Ken won a broadcast slot on Armed Forces Radio in Tokyo. When he returned to Fremont he continued in radio at KFGT, quickly becoming Program Director.

In 1955 Headrick was brought to KFAB as an air personality by Lyle Bremser and was made program director the following year. Ken helped establish KFAB’s strong agri-business position with Nebraska’s farming and ranching communities. With his direction, the air staff chemistry and reliable news and weather reporting continued to build. 

Headrick was station manager by 1969, and with general manager Lyle Bremser, the pair maintained a comfortable broadcast team making KFAB a ratings leader. In 1978 TV/Radio Age reported that KFAB had the highest rated shares of any market in the country.

In 1983 when the station won exclusive rights to broadcast University of Nebraska football and basketball, Ken began building what would become a 48-station network.

When Henry Broadcasting took over KFAB ownership in 1986 Ken succeeded the retiring Lyle Bremser as general manager. He resigned three years later saying he missed the creative aspects of broadcasting that had diminished with the advent of corporate radio.

Ken passed away in 1994

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