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Max Brown


Max Brown was the driving force behind what today is the nation’s only farmer and rancher owned radio station. Through private membership donations from nearly 5000 ranchers and farmers he created KRVN Lexington, the Rural Voice of Nebraska.

After graduating from South Dakota State College with a Masters degree, Max served in the Air Force then came to Nebraska where he was Executive Secretary of the Nebraska Cooperative Council From 1946-1951. From this position KRVN was born in 1951.

Max staffed the stations with professionals and proceeded with a programming focused on agriculture news, weather, and market reports. Brown was general manager from the start until 1979 when his son Eric took over the position.

During his tenure, Max upgraded KRVN’s signal through a ten-year and costly effort moving it from 1010 on the dial to a former clear channel, 880, where it could run 50-thousand watts. The daytime signal is audible in all of Nebraska and much of Kansas. At night, it covers the Western U.S.

Max also expanded statewide coverage through the purchase of stations KNEB Scottsbluff and KTIC West Point. The coop also briefly owned KOIL Omaha in 1952, but with a dip in the agriculture economy it was soon sold off. (It was during this brief ownership that Max was responsible for bringing in the future KOIL legend Don Burden from a station in Idaho.)

His broadcast activities included serving two three-year terms on the Nebraska Broadcasters Association board of directors, the National Association of Broadcasters, and the Nebraska Committee of Public Relations for Agriculture.

Max passed away December 15, 2004.

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