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Hall of Fame

The Nebraska Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame was established in 1972 with a charter class of eight broadcasters who had previously been recognized by the NBA as “Broadcaster of the Year.” The NBA Hall of Fame honors broadcasters who have made significant contributions to the broadcasting industry in Nebraska. Broadcasters with Nebraska ties who have made significant industry contributions on a national level or in other states may also be considered as nominees.

Each year, Hall of Fame nominees are elected for induction by a majority vote of the NBA Board of Directors during its winter meeting and are notified thereafter by the NBA President/Executive Director.Those elected are inducted during the next NBA Hall of Fame Banquet, held during the association’s Annual Convention each August.

During the NBA Hall of Fame banquet, a brief video highlighting each new inductee is played before they are called to the stage to receive their Hall of Fame plaque.That video, their bio and photograph are permanently placed on the Hall of Fame tribute area of the NBA website.


Nomination Guidelines & Procedures

Nominations can be made by NBA Hall of Fame members and employees of current NBA member stations in good standing with the NBA. Nominations from non-members may be considered, when accompanied with a written recommendation from current senior management at a member station where the prospective nominee is or was once employed.

Broadcasters whose nomination documentation meets our criteria are placed on our nominee roster for board consideration in the year submitted and into the future. There is no need to re-nominate someone who is already on our nominee roster. If you wish to pursue the induction of a previously nominated individual, contact NBA President/Executive Director Jim Timm at 

Additional support for nominees is encouraged. Advocates may request to appear at the NBA Board of Directors meeting at which elections are made by contacting no later than the nomination deadline shown below. For each nominee, one individual may make a presentation of up to five minutes, without the use of any audio or video technology. Advocates may only join the meeting for the duration of their presentation and any questions from board members that may follow.

Class of 2025 Nomination Deadline: January 13, 2025

Nomination Requirements
Total Nomination Package Page Limit is 8 Pages including:

  • Completed Nomination Form (limited to 3 pages in length)
  • 3 Signed Recommendation Letters (each no longer than 1 page)
  • No more than 2 additional pages of other supporting documents such as photos, certificates, awards,
    newspaper articles, etc.may also be included.
  • Designate ONE person to gather and submit all related documentation and submit only after all documentation is complete. Having different individuals submit different segments of a nomination increases the risk of an incomplete or ineligible nomination.

Nomination Submission Address:
Nebraska Broadcasters Association
11414 W Center Rd. Suite 342
Omaha, NE 68144
Fax: 402-933-0059


A:  Usually two, sometimes three.  That decision is made by the board each year.

A:  Being inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame is the NBA’s highest form of recognition.  Simply put, the NBA Hall of Fame isn’t easy to get into nor should it be.

A:  Impossible to answer.  With new nominations every year adding to the list of existing nominees, we have no way to project if or when any nominee might be elected for induction.   

A:  The NBA never informs anyone of their nomination and neither should anyone involved in preparing a nomination.  Doing so could trigger a series of questions and emotions that wouldn’t be fair for any nominee to endure.  “Did I get in this year?  No?  Why not?  When will I?”  We just don’t go there for good reasons.

A:  Yes!  Contact NBA President Executive Director Jim Timm at or 402-933-5995

A:  Tough question, and impossible to answer.  However, we will suggest you consider the following: 

1) Has your nominee truly made significant contributions to the broadcasting industry, especially in Nebraska?  2) If so, does your nomination documentation clearly outline those significant contributions?  3)  Make a request to advocate for your nominee in front of the board of directors.  Your ability to spotlight your nominee’s significant industry contributions…and bring their career synopsis to life through your own words…might add perspective beyond what was provided on paper.

11414 West Center Road, Suite 342 | Omaha, NE 68144

Phone: 402-933-5995 | Fax: 402-933-0059