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Richard Palmquist


Richard F. Palmquist was an actor and announcer during his formative years. He went into radio and television then into advertising with his own successful agencies before becoming president of the Nebraska Broadcasters Association. His guidance, attention to detail, and ready smile made the NBA a nationally recognized entity.

Richard was born in Omaha and graduated from North High School and the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He was named program director for the university campus radio station KWOU in 1953 and performed in leading roles in UNO productions including a Shakespeare play in 1954.

At age 19 he joined WOW radio and television as an announcer for five years. During that time he played Major Action, host of an after-school sci-fi television show that garnered a huge viewing audience.

Palmquist went into the advertising field in the early 1960s as a partner at an ad agency, then in 1962 was sales manager at KMEO (the former KOWH, today’s KCRO).

He went on into station management with a move to Indiana in 1964 followed by Wisconsin where he also founded an ad agency, Palmquist Creative Services.

Richard returned to Omaha In 1985 and opened Palmquist and Associates, a marketing and communications firm.

Palmquist was hired in 1989 by the Nebraska Broadcasters Association as Executive Director, a position he ably held for 13 years.

Richard Palmquist passed away in 2002.

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